The healing rooms passion conference has been extended to april 9 - 18

Passion & Revival extended:

Everywhere we turn there is talk of ‘Revival and Reformation.’ Lou Engle, one of the spiritual voices of our nation, is coming to Santa Maria, California from April 9-18, 2018.

The reason? He believes that Santa Maria and the Central Coast are strategic for what God is about to do in California and America.

Years ago Paul Cain’s mother gave Paul Cain his greatest word concerning Luke 4:18 and the stadium Christianity revival that would come to America and the world (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO-oUCXRS9E Parts 1 & 2). Because Paul Cain now lives in Santa Maria, Lou is gripped with the conviction that he must come to Santa Maria for a 10 day - ‘upper room’ gathering birth the prophecies of Paul Cain and a ‘Joel 2’ outpouring.

We believe that these 10 days will be strategic for the region of Santa Maria, for the ‘California Dreamin’ initiative (http://harvestim.org/california-dreamin), and . . . for the billion soul harvest. "Saint Mary” (Santa Maria) is pregnant with a new move of God! Now is the time that something big from heaven is coming to the earth.

Join Lou Engle, Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Rick and Lori Taylor, Julie Meyer, Paul Cain, and the Santa Maria Healing Rooms for 10 days of prayer, passion and revival. Meetings will take place nightly, with prayer each and every morning.

Santa Barbara ‘Passion and Revival’ Conference will run concurrently April 12 to 14.

See website for details healingroomssmv.com - events. Don’t miss it!

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