Our Eyes and Wings Prophetic Conferences are named after a prophetic word, delivered years ago by Stacey Campbell. The prophecy was an exhortation to build “containers for the times,” and consequently, “Eyes & Wings Prophetic Conference” was started so that we can hear what the Lord is saying for our times and glean strategy to build according to His divine blueprint.

Following is an excerpt from the prophecy:

“I have this sense that the Lord is showing me that everybody is looking for a model, but there are no models, there are no models. And the whole Church knows that something’s up. Even the average lay person just knows that these are very troublesome times, but they don’t know where to go and they don’t know how to get there!

And I feel like there’s this knowledge without the ability to get anywhere . . . . And I feel like the Lord is calling us, with the eyes and wings part – one, to see what the Lord is doing and two, to give wings to get there. And I feel like the Lord is calling us to begin to model – not only for the nations but also for this local city. Eyes and wings – what to do and how to get there; what to do and how to get there; what to do and how to get there!And then we have to give the people eyes and wings.

I just feel like we don’t really know the fullness of it, but the eyes and wings are very, very important. It’s like the whole thing of Isaiah – and the Lord looked for a man. And like the time of David, there’s times and seasons in the Church, where there’s a lot of unrest. But someone’s got to do it differently. Somebody’s got to break totally out of the mold. Somebody’s got to create a container for the time. And they can’t go to the past to look for it. Some of it’s never been done before. And especially in the final hour!

Have I not said throughout My Word… throughout My Word that there’s coming a generation – there’s coming a final hour of the Church that will be different than any other, that will be different!”